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New Luxury Lofts Are Trending

March 10, 2018 |

It is fascinating how the demand for living-style changes through decades. Tastes for fashion, design and furniture change from one decade to the next, and so does the style of popular Boston luxury homes, architecture and interior design.

More Boston luxury homes buyers are looking for contemporary and open design. Even homeowners who have had more traditional and opulent décor tend to gravitate towards more open floor plans with contemporary and lofty spaces. Boston luxury real estate architects and interior designers are jumping on the band wagon to adapt their design to the new trend.

In order to sell more traditional spaces, Boston luxury homes are being staged with more contemporary furniture and colors. This tends to compensate for the traditional architecture without having to do major construction.

It is amazing to see the creation of open space, like airy lofts within the confines of an old Victorian brownstone. It may not offer the window and ceiling heights of the true converted industrial buildings; but, nonetheless it offers an airy and open feel for Boston luxury real estate buyers looking for contemporary spaces.

In areas with more historical buildings, such as the Back Bay and Beacon Hill, the majority of newly renovated spaces are catering to the buyers’ demands. Given the open floor plan trend, buyers have more options and are not limited to industrial areas that used to be the only Boston neighborhoods that offered lofts.


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