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Boston Home Micro Unit Concept

March 16, 2013 |

As the appeal for urban living increases, more and more developers are exploring new ways to make city living accessible to a broader range of buyers – both from a financial and square footage perspective.

Own a Small Corner of Boston Real Estate
It’s pretty much a no-brainer, but the larger the Boston home, the more it costs to purchase. Therefore, architects and designers have come up with a brilliant solution to accommodate younger buyers who prefer to live in the city. The new micro units were recently unveiled at the Boston Society of Architects and many people were surprised with the spaciousness of these smaller abodes. 

We are talking about Boston homes about 300 square feet. These spaces are brilliantly designed to accommodate a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a work/desk area. The concept of efficiency units, or micro units as they are commonly referred to, has been quite popular in NY City and a couple of other Metropolises. Boston is now catching up! 

These properties are ideal both for couples with no children, single professionals or empty nesters.  The spaces are very efficient and surprisingly comfortable. We tend to spread out with the more room we have, and most of the time, large living spaces are wasted or underutilized.

The micro unit concept is getting a quite favorable reception, and the affordability factor is huge for buyers who have been waiting to buy Boston real estate but can’t stretch their budget for a typical town home.  The micro unit satisfies their need and their budget. We will see more and more of these projects in areas like the Seaport and South Boston.

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