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Walkable Real Estate in High Demand

July 23, 2016 |

With a surge in luxury building construction and creating new Boston luxury homes for rent or sale, more focus is given to the proximity of these luxury properties to shopping and commercial centers. The demographic moving into the city is demanding more comfort and ease, regardless of age. Being able to walk to the market, a nearby restaurant and cultural centers like theaters has become an attraction for city living. Buying Boston luxury real estate with easy access to public transportation is also something that should not be overlooked nor ignored.

Realizing the possible infrastructure shortcomings, the City of Boston is diligently working to avoid and prevent any traffic gridlock by increasing demand in luxury residential units. This ultimately cuts down on car travel and encourages walking and public transportation.

Boston luxury homes buyers are not interested into moving into a residential property, regardless of all the bells and whistles they have to offer. Buyers want a sense of community and “neighborhood”. This is certainly the case when Boston luxury real estate buyers are moving from the suburbs or out of state. Not being familiar with the surroundings, it’s welcoming to have a sense of neighborhood and belonging.

Most neighborhoods have their own associations, clubs and fun gatherings which are great ways for newcomers to meet others and get involved in neighborhood activities. However, aside from being in a “neighborhood,” all other components, such as shops, entertainment and transportation are equally as important factors in purchasing Boston luxury homes. The convenience factor, coupled with the tight knit community feel, is being taken into serious consideration by the city officials as well as the developers.


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