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Tired of the Commute to Metro Boston?

September 19, 2015 |

Many people living in Boston luxury homes in the suburbs are tired of commuting to metro Boston day in and day out. The commute, the traffic, the long hours of spending in the car, bus or train takes can take its toll on anyone. Commuting to work can impact people’s personal and family life, since several hours a day can be spent driving from your Boston luxury home to the city.

Yet, people are not ready to say goodbye to their bucolic life in the country, so they’re learning to compromise. In the last few years, it is becoming more and more popular to buy Boston luxury real estate in-town and spend three or four nights in town during the week, then go back to their suburban home in the country. Depending on your budget, or the family situation in terms of school age children, many Boston luxury real estate buyers opt for suitable living arrangements in the city to avoid the stress of traveling back and forth. Two homes helped alleviate the level of stress in their professional life as well as their personal life.

What I have found interesting is that although the in-town place is only a weekday relief, but spouses and children are spending more time in the city as a result. The entire family finds it more tempting to live in town for their next move.

Being in the city more often, some might even call it “forced exposure” has helped families appreciate the city more and explore different Boston luxury real estate neighborhoods effortlessly. They don’t have to get into the car and drive all the way to go to a restaurant or see a show and drive all the way back to the suburbs. So, these in-town places are being replaced more and more by more permanent residences.


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