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Single Family Homes in Boston vs Condos for Sale

March 3, 2012 |

I have covered the advantages of living in high-end condos vs single-family homes in this blog post. Generally, condos appeal to a broad demographic - from single professionals to married couples with/without children, and even empty nesters. Single family homes, like city townhouses, tend to appeal to all of these groups except for empty nesters. Single family homes in Boston have more bedrooms, larger square footage, and ongoing, seasonal maintenance. 

The Back Bay Boston neighborhood was once the gold coast of large mansions in the 1800s. These grand scale manors were eventually turned into apartments and rooming houses, and later turned into condos or reverted into single family homes. Some of these mansions have been beautifully renovated and restored to their original glory, preserving their original details while offering every possible amenity.

Take a stroll down Beacon St, Marlborough St, and Commonwealth Avenue, with its wide boulevard-like exposure, to take in many of these magnificent homes. The single family homes in Boston directly across the Public Garden and the Boston Common are also spectacular size and grandeur.

[caption id="attachment_542" align="aligncenter" width="199" caption="Regal Residence on Commonwealth Avenue"]Luxury Condo for sale in Boston[/caption]

Other historic Boston neighborhoods, including Beacon Hill, South End, and Charlestown, have their share of gorgeous mansions too. Many of these houses are more vertical. If space allows, elevators are installed to make life easier – and more appealing to a broader demographic range.

The beauty of owning a single family house is that you don’t have to share any of the condo association’s decision making or discuss changes in the building with anyone else. You are the master of your of your own realm. Although the idea of having more responsibility may not appeal to some, that’s the beauty of real estate - there are buyers for every type of property.

The townhouses/single family homes in Boston range from a low of $1M to a high of $30M depending on the Boston neighborhood, square footage, level of renovation and list of amenities.


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