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Shopping for Vacation Homes Near Boston

June 29, 2013 |

Metropolitan Boston has the great fortune of being uniquely located in an area of the country that is surrounded by fabulous resorts and vacation destinations. The vacation areas attract people from all over the country and abroad to invest in luxury homes Boston.

Buy Smaller in a High Demand Area to Increase Resale Value
Depending on what your interest is, you can find a vacation spot within easy access of your Boston home. If you’re skiers, the options are endless, including the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont, mountains in Maine or even the lush Berkshires. If you decide to buy a home in these areas, you have the advantage of enjoying the home in all seasons, throughout the year.

Vermont is great for winter sports and you also have the benefit of Lake Champlain in the summer and the abundance of farms and pastureland. The same goes for NH, with great ski areas and wonderful lakes, giving buyers the best of both worlds. In Maine, you have great ski areas and the most gorgeous coastline and beaches.

More interested in beach front property? There’s the summer resort of Cape Cod and the Islands (Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard). Depending on what you’d like to spend most of your holiday and weekend time, you can pick and choose from all these lovely areas.

To spend your money wisely for a vacation home in addition to your Boston home, you have to think not only about your interest, but also about the resale value.  More popular areas are obviously the ones that are more expensive, like Nantucket and the Vineyard, certain towns on the Cape and popular resorts in Maine (Kennebunk etc. ). Unfortunately, the closer you are to the ski resorts and beaches, the more expensive the land and homes are which yield a higher resale value.

The art of finding the right home in high-demand areas with high resale value requires time and patience and you should work with a real estate agent who is up to date with all the listings on the market and keeps tabs of luxury homes Boston that appear on the market quietly. Be prepared to wait for a good value. Buying something with less square footage in a high demand area is money better invested than buying a huge vacation home in an area where you may have a hard time in resale.

Looking for a vacation home in addition to your Boston home? I can help support your search and maximize your investment.


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