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Selling Your Boston Home in Springtime

April 21, 2018 |

The interesting thing is that once the weather turns a little bit warmer and trees start to bloom, the mood of some Boston luxury real estate buyers change as well. Some buyers who have been so focused on their housing needs, or unable to have an open mind about different options, are suddenly more encouraged and optimistic to look beyond their original Boston luxury homes criteria and expand their horizons. It’s hard to say whether it’s the good weather, the sun or the blooming trees that make some neighborhoods or properties look more inviting and interesting.

It is very true that some Boston luxury homes look drearier depending on the season. Some neighborhoods look a lot more vibrant during the winter months, and its Boston luxury homes appear picturesque covered in snow.

During spring /summer months, sidewalk restaurants and bustling cafés add energy to any neighborhood that may look dull otherwise. Once the season changes, local Boston luxury real estate buyers will rethink which neighborhood they want to make their move.

Granted that sellers can’t change the outside and the surrounding area, but you can change the interior of your home and bring life and vitality  into the unit. During darker months, be sure to add light, greenery (if applicable), staging the property, etc. I remember showing a property in Back Bay on the sunny side of the street, a gorgeous unit with a lot of natural light. However, the unit’s owner was hardly living there, and it was sparsely decorated. Showing this beautiful unit at night was always a challenge, because it was so poorly lit.

The location and layout were perfection, but the seller needed to make a few adjustments to the interior for a much quicker sell. Ready to put your home on the spring market? Contact me to help navigate your next move.



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