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Muti-Million Dollar Properties “Quietly” for Sale

July 17, 2016 |

A surge of brand new Boston luxury real estate construction is adding super luxury homes with high price tags to the marketplace in upscale neighborhoods including Back Bay, Midtown, Beacon Hill, South end, Seaport, Waterfront.  However, this is creating a challenging scenario for Boston luxury homes sellers.

Home owners of historic Boston luxury real estate who would like to sell their property at the same price per square foot as brand new construction are oblivious to the fact that it’s simply not comparable. Therefore, there are many superb Boston luxury homes that are being “quietly” marketed in very high price ranges ranging from $10M to $30M. Sellers of these properties are reluctant to price their homes according to today’s market based on comparable sales, but price their homes based on high prices as the brand new constructions are selling.

By NOT putting these ultra-high-end properties on an open market, sellers are hoping to entice some buyers to pay what they are asking. There are not too many buyers in that exclusive price range, but buyers are always intrigued by a “quiet” listing that not too many other buyers know about.

It is important for Boston luxury homes buyers to know they will be paying more than market value for these properties that are NOT officially on the market, but at least, they will have the first selection. If you’re looking for a very specific home and have the budget to pay, then go for it. Several high end brokers have access or knowledge of these quiet listings. Contact me if you have criteria in mind and budget is not an issue.


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