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Migration Back to the City from the Suburbs

July 22, 2017 |

Two of the most  prominent categories of Boston luxury real estate buyers coming from the suburbs are empty nesters who are downsizing (and I mean significantly downsizing), or those who are interested in a lifestyle change , but not necessarily downsizing. Then there are those who move to the city from the suburbs due to divorce or a desire for a Boston luxury home closer to work.

Downsizing for those  who have big homes in the burbs is a major and emotional task. They have to throw away, give away, or sell years of memories. It’s easier for some than others, and many reach a point that minimalist life seems very appealing. Decluttering your Boston luxury home tends to be viewed as a good cleanser.

If you’re emotionally attached to certain items, storage spaces are a lifesaver until you figure out what to keep or what to do with the rest. This way, it makes the process of downsizing a lot easier and less painful. It’s also easier to see yourself in a smaller Boston luxury home without all those things that you have put away.

The move is much easier for those who make a lateral move to the city. They move to the same size or larger property which translates to large single family townhouses. Some Boston luxury real estate properties combine several large units in chic towers to create a large living space with multiple bedrooms.

Regardless of where you move to and what size property you buy, the process could be  a lot more pleasant and easier with good advice, guidance and help throughout the decision making and moving. It will be seamless to talk to a professional, and I’m always here to help support your next move.



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