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High Demand for Loft Style Living

July 15, 2017 |

A few years ago, the demand for loft style living was limited to Boston luxury home buyers with creativity, like artists and craftsmen. Now, it is a totally different market and less traditional.

Today, loft style living appeals to a broad spectrum of buyers — young, old, empty nesters, etc. Boston luxury real estate buyers who are looking for something different and  don’t want the cookie-cutter apartments often gravitate towards the open-living concept. Most loft style units are in newer and more edgy residential areas and buildings.

What is refreshing is that Boston luxury home buyers who were not open to the idea of going out of their comfort zone to live in up-and-coming neighborhoods are exploring the prospect. The idea is new and exciting to them. Not only are more traditional city residents moving into lofts, but even the most discerning suburban residents are warming up to the idea of buying a Boston luxury home  that is different and exciting.

Buildings such as the Macallen Building in the Seaport offers a nice combination of both traditional Boston luxury real estate properties, as well as great open loft style units. Check out the ultimate space for entertaining at 141 Dorchester Ave. Contact me to take a look!


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