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Downsizing, the Ultimate in Luxury Living

January 13, 2018 |

The idea of downsizing to many homeowners is moving into a unit that is smaller than their current Boston luxury home, but also offers more comfort and amenities. As buyers think about downsizing, everyone has a different laundry list based on their needs, like varying square footage, building services, Boston luxury real estate neighborhood, whether it’s a primary or full time residence.

This idea of amenities varies from one person to another, so it’s helpful to clarify exactly what buyers are expecting. Some would like all the luxury a full service hotel would offer in an apartment with all the bells and whistles — a 24 hr concierge, onsite fitness center, parking, room service etc. Other Boston luxury home buyers are looking for a more modest number of amenities.

The majority of Boston luxury real estate buyers that are downsizing start by looking at a larger square footage unit and settle for less if they like everything else about the property, including the building, location, amenities, etc.

An oversized one-bedroom at the Carlton House at 2 Commonwealth is the best example of such a unit. It’s all about the location with this property, situated in the corner of Commonwealth Ave and the Public Garden. Arguably the most sought-after location in Boston luxury real estate.

Buyers looking at two-bedrooms are willing to settle into a one bedroom at the Carlton House, since it showcases spectacular views, is conveniently located and offers exceptional Taj Hotel services. All these value-adds make it easier to give up the idea of more space.


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