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Creating the Right Environment in Your Boston Luxury Home and the Experience to Complement

June 20, 2015 |

Buyers and sellers purchase Boston luxury real estate, because they are relocating, down sizing or wanting a bigger home for variety of reasons. Then again, I have clients who are moving purely to test a different lifestyle. Boston luxury home buyers moving from the suburbs, want to live in the city to create a new environment and experience different ways of life. Or, vice versa…

Creating an environment and not only an experience could be a fun and stimulating process. For Boston luxury real estate buyers who have specific criteria and need to find their comfort zone, it’s best to create the right environment in properties that are under construction and flexible enough to make changes. For the most part, Boston luxury home developers of smaller projects are more flexible than multi-unit high rise construction projects. In high rises under construction, buyers can make cosmetic changes like stone type, cabinetry, lighting and other finishes, but any structural changes would have to wait until the building is finished. Changes are doable, but only after the completion of the project, in this case.

On the other hand, there are buyers who want to experience what it’s like to create a new environment for themselves, but afraid to commit until they test the waters. They opt to rent beforehand to see if they like city living before they buy. The problem with this scenario is that you your interim rental place is not your OWN place with your own stamp of approval. Not being surrounded with all things familiar, or having the comfort and ease to entertain and feel “at home”, you may never get a good feel for what it is like to make the final move or have the ultimate experience that you’re truly looking for.

Change and new environment is always very exciting for the right reasons and with the right help and guidance of a savvy Boston real estate agent. Otherwise, it would not be a positive experience if the environment is not right. The property needs to fit with your lifestyle.


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