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Boston Rated One of the Most Walkable Cities in the Country

April 25, 2015 |

Boston is not only one of the most livable and enjoyable cities to live in, but it is also the one of the most walkable. People moving from outside of the city and used to having two cars, realize soon enough that not only they don’t need both of their cars, but they can even do without a car.  Everything you need in Boston is at the doorstep of Boston luxury real estate and within walking distance, or a very short cab / train / bus ride, regardless of the Boston neighborhood. 

Vendors in Boston operate very much like they do in a big city like NYC. Delivery services are very common to Boston luxury homes. There are food stores and specialty shops in most areas, so there’s no need to travel far to get what you need. That’s the beauty of purchasing Boston luxury real estate - not only are there a variety of properties available, but residents also take advantage by walking to all the cultural events,  restaurants,  shopping and recreational activities. Urban dwellers can walk outside their Boston luxury homes and run errands all day long without needing a car.

There maybe some specialty shops or errands in a different neighborhood than where you live or work, but you can easily walk from one end of the city to another. That’s what makes Boston so livable and fun. 

If you choose to keep a car, you may need it if you’re going out of the city.  In the summer, beaches and parts of Cape Cod and the North shore or South Shore are reachable via commuter boats. This is something to consider in order to avoid the summer traffic rush. Suburban residents moving to the city should dispel the notion that X number of parking spots are required for their next Boston luxury real estate purchase. Not only is it more convenient to walk around, it’s better for your health!


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