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Boston Named the Healthiest City in America

February 8, 2014 |

Without being biased, I keep boasting about Boston luxury real estate being some of the most sought after properties in the county. Boston is rich in history, provides culture and the arts, displays gorgeous period architecture, and has diverse and interesting neighborhoods. There is something for everyone from luxury Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, historic North End to more contemporary Waterfront, Seaport, Innovation District and beyond.

Healthy Residents in Boston Luxury Homes
In addition to the fantastic city of Boston, its residents are just as incredible. I would be remiss in not mentioning the recent recognition as the Healthiest City in America. This title isn’t surprising at all.

As I’ve blogged about before, Boston is an extremely walkable city. For the most part, Boston luxury real estate owners don’t have to get into their car, or use public transportation from point A to point B. People living here don’t use their cars on a daily basis, unless they are commuting to work or carpooling to school. Walking is part of our daily life and routine exercise.

It is very common for people to walk to work, a luxury that many other cities can’t offer. No matter where your Boston luxury home is located, there is an abundance of fitness centers in all neighborhoods (luxury or otherwise), scenic bike and jogging paths all over the city, and joggers can be seen all along the Charles River and Boston Harbor.

We are uniquely situated with a multitude of higher education establishments combined with the country’s best health care industry. This combination has helped educate and motivate Boston luxury real estate residents to eat healthier and participate in a variety of different fitness programs and activities.


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