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Boston Luxury Residential Gardens and Terraces

September 10, 2016 |

As the demand for outdoor space heightens, so does the attention to landscaping and design of Boston luxury real estate terraces, decks and gardens. It was always important to make sure that the entry lobby in these luxury buildings are given special attention and are regularly kept up with the times, but it is important to note that the outdoor spaces are also a major selling feature of Boston luxury homes. Of course there are buyers who couldn't care less about outdoor space and it is not on their wish list. But there are many Boston luxury real estate buyers that designate outdoor space is a MUST HAVE.

However, if your home has outdoor space, it is very important to pay extra attention to landscaping, because it will help sell Boston luxury homes once on the market. Beautiful and lush outdoor spaces, however small, could be a “show stopper” with the right landscaping.

There are properties that are in need of work or don’t show as well as they should, but have killer outdoor space. In these cases, showcasing the outdoor decks and terraces is a slam dunk. A selling point even if you don’t have to have it. It makes the home appear much happier and cheerful.

The new residential towers being constructed are aware of the growing demand and try to create private balconies, terraces (if the space allows it) or a common roof terrace, garden or some form of outdoor space for the residents. Single family homes or buildings that do have front lawns, pay special attention in landscaping them seasonally to create a welcoming entry to the home. Luxury brownstones in the Back Bay/Beacon Hill. South end have gorgeous window boxes with beautiful floral designs and colors . It makes the façade more interesting and creates a feeling that the residence is being cared for by the Boston luxury homes owners. It's also pleasing from the inside to look out and see the vibrant plants and flowers.


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