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Boston Luxury Residences in the Fall Season

September 24, 2016 |

Typically July and August are slow months for the Boston luxury real estate residential market. Buyers and sellers are busy enjoying their summer vacations and spending time on the beach or traveling with their families. Purchasing Boston luxury homes is far from their mind.

Fast forward to September, and everyone is getting ready for the non-stop buying/selling during the fall market. Historically, new Boston luxury homes are put on the market at this time and will be in full activity. All things being equal, Spring and Fall are two of the most active seasons in Boston luxury real estate. High end homes will be on the market for sale.

One of these exceptionally grand and historical homes is a unique residence in Cambridge. This Residential luxury home is rich with history. . .

In 1951 the Aherns sold 9 Walnut Avenue to the family whose children are the present owners of the residence. The couple were married on August 6, 1941 and raising eleven children, seven girls and four boys, all of whom grew up in the house and whom still live reasonably close to their family home.

A small circular room in the tower on the second floor of the house was intended for a servant’s bedroom, but in the their household, it was the family nursery. As each child was born, he or she lived in the nursery, and then graduated to sharing a bedroom with an older brother or sister. Sometime in the 1960s the owner removed the original porch columns and replaced them with wrought iron ones. In the late 1980s/early 1990s the iron columns were removed and the original columns were returned.

Today the house has passed to the second generation, a close-knit clan. They meticulously restored the property and added a large kitchen and family room to the rear of the house. The architects who led renovation efforts were Siemasko + Verbridge based in Beverly, Massachusetts. The restoration of the property took three years, blending all the old features of the gorgeous Victorian details with all the new and comfort of the modern amenities. The transformation into a combination of old and new is remarkable.

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