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Boston In The Summertime

June 25, 2016 |

Boston is one of those rare cities that it is a great place to live, with all kinds of activities all year round. However, summer, in particular, is the time that Boston scores very high in terms of its accessibility to seaside resorts and outdoor activities throughout the city. This is particularly interesting for those who move to Boston luxury homes and are not familiar with all the advantages this city has to offer.

I recently ran into a client, empty nesters, who recently moved from a western suburb and bought a multi-million dollar home in the Back Bay – a coveted neighborhood for Boston luxury real estate. Being new to Boston, their first concern was how low long it would take them to develop a circle of friends. They told me that it only took a few weeks to find all kinds of social activities hosted by the neighborhood and they couldn’t be happier.

Whether your Boston luxury home is in the back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End etc, the Neighborhood Associations have umpteen activities to choose from, ranging from interesting lectures on a variety of topics, food and wine tasting, walking and sport companionships . Depending on your personal interest, you can always find a group for all ages to join and enjoy making new friends. These particular clients purchased Boston luxury real estate on the Waterfront and after seeing sailboats all day long, decided to join the Community Boating only a few walking blocks from home. Not only are they are having a blast, but they’ve met so many new people with whom they dine and share similar interests. They could not be happier with their decision to purchase Boston luxury real estate where they could assimilate so quickly and effortlessly.

Whether you have a Boston luxury home or not, if you need to leave the city for any of the seaside resorts of Cape Cod, the Islands, or the coast of Maine, North or South Shore, or enjoy the beauties of Vermont or New Hampshire, you can easily reach these destinations within 1 to 3 hours. Pick your destination then decide how to get there: by car, boat or short flight out of Boston. The possibilities are endless!


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