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Boston Condos Compared to European Housing: What’s the Right Fit?

September 15, 2012 |

Having just spent a fair amount of time in France and Italy this summer, it’s refreshing to see how well people adapt to small spaces and create well-balanced living quarters. A European family of three can live comfortably in about 1200-1400 square feet on average.  Larger spaces do exist, but they are definitely not the norm. It was refreshing to see that they prioritize location over space. Similar to Europeans and their optimum use of cozy spaces, our northern neighbors in Canada are used to much smaller living accommodations and opt for prime location over square footage.

Buying a Micro-unit Boston Home

The majority of one, two, and three bedrooms in France/Italy ranges from 600 sq’ to 2000 sq’. Compare this diminutive size to some large Greater Boston homes that are being sold and leveled for larger home construction. Bigger is often perceived as better in the states. I’ve also seen several Boston condos combine to form more spacious living arrangements in large, residential complexes.

In some metropolitan US cities, Boston included, small efficiency quarters are being built and marketed to successful young professionals. These residences are generally high-end and more affordable for young professionals who want to live in the city. It allows them to take advantage of urban living without breaking the bank.

[caption id="attachment_732" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Boston condo 387 Marlborough St.  in the Back Bay[/caption]

Boston isn’t the only city accommodating smaller luxury pads. There are several buildings built and being slated for construction in NY known as efficiency apartments. They are in big demand among young professionals and empty nesters looking for a budget friendly way to live in the center of the city. Some Americans are adapting to the shift in ‘larger is better’ mentality and choosing to simplify their lives.

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