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Best of Boston: The Back Bay Neighborhood Sweeps

September 21, 2013 |

Every year several publications release a BEST OF BOSTON laundry list of winners. The honorees generally consist of everything from the best shops, restaurants salons, bakeries, nails, furniture, etc. You name it and there is an awards category for it, highlighting different Boston neighborhoods in the city, from Back Bay to the Waterfront.

The Best Neighborhoods for Boston Luxury Real Estate

The lists in these publications are pretty subjective and one may or may not agree with all of them, but usually can relate to a few. The August issue of Boston Magazine released their list, however there are some phenomenal restaurants, shops and salons that are not mentioned.

There are always very desirable and successful businesses that may not make the list of Best of Boston. I guess the list has to give credit to the newcomers in the business scene as well. In some cases, a new business creates buzz through advertising, word of mouth, social media and PR to generate foot traffic and long lines, which translates into the perception of success and adds value to nearby Boston luxury real estate.

And of course, many Boston residents keep going back to their favorite places regardless of the reviews. People like the convenience of frequenting a so called “neighborhood.” They keep going back to their neighborhood restaurants, bars, stores, and salons, because they are familiar. Owners of Boston luxury homes in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End or Waterfront, can all brag about being in a neighborhood full of fabulous places to go to without venturing far at all.

Beacon Hill has its Charles and Cambridge Streets with great places to shop and eat, not to mention some of the most historic Boston luxury homes in town. Back Bay is lined with numerous fabulous boutiques, Copley Place Mall, restaurants, and many of the best hotels and spas. The South End serves as a Mecca for eclectic, cutting edge restaurants on every block. That’s the beauty of living in the city, surrounded by countless options only steps from your front door. Who knows – the new restaurant next door to your Boston condo might end up on Boston’s Best list next year!

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