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Relocating to Boston from a Different State

March 26, 2011 |

Looking for a new home is always an educational process that requires patience. It is especially challenging if you’re moving to Boston from a different State.

You’ll probably need help navigating these relocation options:
•      The pros and cons of greater Boston neighborhoods vs. suburban towns – ie Back Bay and Brookline
•      Commuting distance to and from work
•      School systems and other conveniences: clubs, sports facilities, golf courses, etc.
•      Move-in condition or ready to remodel? Need help with contractors, architects, designers, movers
•      Last, but not least - THE PRICE. Prices of luxury residences - homes/condos - vary from area to area

Depending on what state/country you’re moving from, the first thing to do is to learn about the Boston housingBoston market. Location, price and amenities are different in the city, opposed to more space and a yard in the suburbs. Homes vary from the privacy of a single family to living in  COOPS  & Condominiums in historic brownstones, or you may be looking for the comfort and  convenience of  full service luxury residences with amenities and a concierge. Boston is ranked #3 most walkable city in the US, which provides lifestyle advantages in close proximity, including: great restaurants, acclaimed theaters, renowned museums, Symphony Hall, shopping, and most importantly – the ability to walk to work. So you may not need a car on a daily basis.

A variety of great preschools are located in the heart of the city. Not to mention the oldest school in America, Boston Latin School - an exam school, admitting grades 7 through 12, considered one of the best in the country. You may opt for the excellent selection of private schools in the city and surrounding metro areas.  OR within a short driving distance, 15-20 mins, you may find your child’s education needs best met in one of the nearby suburban communities.

The relocation process might sound tedious and complicated, but it really is not. I’m here to present your relocation options, search in a highly organized manner, and deliver a home to meet your needs. My real estate expertise helps you solve ALL aspects of your move and makes the process as painless, seamless and effortless as possible. Do you have any questions about relocating?


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