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Boston Public Schools Improve and Prompt Migration to the City

August 6, 2011 |

Over the years, Boston has been trying to improve the deteriorating public school system and bolster the quality of its education. The city is definitely moving in the right direction, based on recent activity. The Boston school board has closed/and or merged 18 schools in the hopes of creating better facilities and increasing student enrollment. There were too many schools with resources stretched too thin. Several proposals are in the works to improve local education.

Boston Latin has been the pride and joy of the city and holds the esteemed honor of being the oldest high school in the country. It’s currently located on the Boston/Brookline line, but may reopen to increase capacity this fall in the former Hyde Park High School – recently closed by city officials. It has a stellar reputation and high rates of students are accepted into top notch colleges.

[caption id="attachment_226" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Boston Latin School in Boston/Brookline"][/caption]

Other exam schools like Boston Latin Academy, and the Arts and Science Academy could be moving up to Boston Latin rank if their new expansion proposals are passed.  School officials are aiming to improve public education, so parents don’t feel the need to enroll their kids in private schools.

With the school systems getting stronger, the city and various surrounding Boston neighborhoods become a more attractive option for families who opt for private schools. The Eliot K-8 School in the North End has a long waiting list of students, but may expand this fall. Exciting news for parents who work downtown, since it’s only a short walk from the unique, Italian-centric neighborhood with a number of Boston luxury condos.

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Children growing up in Boston neighborhoods enjoy a variety of summer activities that suburban living can’t provide: children’s museums, The Science Museum, The Aquarium, access to public parks, the frog pond, and city-organized summer programs – sailing, tennis, and other fun cultural activities.

With the proposed public education improvements, now is the time to give city living a shot and start searching for your Boston luxury condo. Contact me to begin your search and let me know if you have questions in the meantime!


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